The AIDa® Framework was born in 2019 by re-engineering application solutions that PGMD has developed over time. This framework was perfected by integrating Workflow components with User Interface Design with the software engine ownership of“Business Process Management” and“Adaptive” User Interfaces and intrinsically including Real-time components, such as Data Integration & Ingestion, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Process Mining to deliver the Vision of the Product and Service: The Augmented Information Delivery Assistant (AIDa®). The main functional components and areas of application are:

AIDa® – Point of Care Management:

  • POC – Territorial networks: (Assisted management processes throughout the territory between family doctors, USCA, community and family nurses and social services)
  • POC – Territory (e.g. Territorial Health and Social Health Supply Units, Covid Hotels, Vaccination coverage status detection and pandemic monitoring in community areas)
  • POC – Hub-Spoke-Territory (Management of Follow-up processes in specialist “Hub-Spoke” networks)

AIDa® – Microservices:

  • AIDa® PT-Online: prescriptions for patient plans to Therapeutic Plans / AIFa Note (e.g. Specialists, GP Modules, Oxygen) – Integration with SAR / SAC (Regional and Central reception systems) for the prescription of Note 97 (Oral anticoagulants)
  • AIDa® PT-OnLine: Pharmacovigilance and Patient empowerment
  • AIDa® PT-On-Line: Biosimilars (monitoring and self-assessment of the behavioural patterns of prescriptions and benchmarks)
  • AIDa® Telemed Connect (Connection to Telemedicine tools / services: Television / Teleconsulting / Telemonitoring)
  • AIDa® EHR Connect (Connection and interoperability with Medical Records / FHIR / HL7)
  • AIDa® SIST Connect (Connection and interoperability with Territorial Health Information Systems)

AIDa® – Welfare GOV

  • AIDA® Governance Portal (Data Drive Governance of the territory and services of the supply networks)
  • AIDa® Medical Cards, Dispenser Cards, Topics (Distribution of Reports, Themed Dossiers, Scorecards for Stakeholders)
  • AIDa® Real-time monitoring of Dematerialised Prescriptions (Pharmaceutical, Outpatient Specialist and Instrumental Diagnostics)
  • AIDa® LTC (Long Term Care Process Monitoring – Chronicity – Prevention)

AIDa® – Health Path Planner

  • AIDa® HealthPath Planner (tools for Strategic and Operational Planning and Management of Health Care and Maintenance Courses)

AIDa®- Ad.Hoc

  • AIDa® Consulting & BPM Toolkit (ICT Assessment Support; Process Mining; ITSM Performances)
  • AIDa® Performance Management (from our Mission to Strategic Actions throughout the Areas, Organisational and Individual Objectives, KPIs and Period Targets: Collaborative Performance Management)
  • AIDa® He.Pa Garage (Intensive Care Medicine Models, Big Data Clustering, …)
  • AIDa® Open Data (Connectors for access and integration of open databases) and 3rd parties Analytic Tools Connectors